What is Conversation Marketing?

We all know that digital marketing has risen to prominence in large part due to rapidly changing technology, but it can also be attributed to the power of millennials in today's marketplace.

Millennials are not only huge consumers, but they are incredibly likely to express their pleasure (or displeasure) with a given good or service. They are also very loyal to brands, services, and companies they know and love. 

Traditional marketing, as inbound devotees know, is more focused on delivery of static information. It leaves out the human aspects that make inbound flourish with the way people consume now.

CommunicationImage.jpgThis is where ‘conversation marketing' comes in. It’s a way of thinking about marketing that taps into the power of, unsurprisingly, conversation. Conversation marketing techniques focus on the experience of consumers while facilitating feedback and conversation between companies and their ideal customers. These methods allow brands to monitor responses and change their strategies according to the needs and wants of consumers.

The beauty of conversation marketing is in its organic nature. When consumers talk to one another about your brand, it becomes relevant. If those conversations are positive, they are immeasurably valuable.

So how do you get these conversations started? First, you need to make sure your goods or services are praiseworthy — quality should come above all else.

Then, you can begin to disseminate content to your fans aimed at getting insightful conversations started. Once influencers and journalists catch on and continue to distribute your content organically. If your gestures seem to be falling on deaf ears, re-strategize, adjust your story and try again before investing costlier resources.

Incorporating conversation marketing into your efforts isn't necessarily difficult, but it does require planning and consideration. It shouldn’t be thought of as stand-alone, it should tie in with all of your brand’s digital marketing efforts.

Be mindful of your audience's reaction to your efforts, strategize accordingly, and your digital marketing ROI should skyrocket!


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