The Importance of Keeping Up Communication Between Sales And Marketing

The Importance of Keeping Communication Between Sales and Marketing.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business, particularly when we are talking about your sales and marketing teams. While this concept may seem foreign, even for some of the largest organizations in the world, the truth is that many companies fail to implement effective communication between departments. The downside not only comes in the form of competing departments, but wasted resources.  Here are some of the reasons why our business runs on communication and implements smart marketing tactics.

‘SMART’ marketing is a term coined by Hubspot, our partner company. SMART marketing doesn’t mean making smarter marketing decisions, but is really about integrating your sales and marketing departments - which inevitably will create smarter more effective marketing/sales decisions. 


Well, many companies often segregate the efforts of their sales and marketing teams creating timelines, projects and budgets that are never discussed between departments. This often creates an environment of competition between departments where blame is frequently directed at the other department when deadlines are not met, unqualified leads are created, and culture is forgotten.

Let’s take a look more deeply and focus on why collaboration and communication work when the sales and marketing teams are integrated. First, when the two departments work together to establish their individual goals, both the marketing and sales team understands what constitutes a qualified lead and both teams understand where the buyer is in the process and what information is needed to bring them those last few steps towards the sale. If the marketing teams provides the sales team with relevant information about each lead and there are defined buyer personas, then the sales team wastes less time redoing the marketing efforts to create the sale. Second, if both teams have defined buyer personas (ideal representations of their ideal customers) the sales team can then provide real time analytics to the marketing team to help them better tailor their marketing content and efforts.

By working in collaboration, rather than competition, you create a sales/marketing team that encourages the other to succeed and reach their individual goals, thus making the business as a whole more successful. 


Require that the sales and marketing heads have regularly scheduled meetings to refine their individual goals and metrics. One of the things we do at Bespoken Management is to keep the sales and marketing departments in the same room, separated enough to limit distractions but also allowing for open communication and integration.

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