The Executive Guide to Using Social Media

Most business professionals can agree that communication is crucial to interaction between businesses. Most can also agree that the evolution of technology is changing the way they relay information within their industries and to their potential customers.  Not only do they agree, they rely on the value these platforms provide, allowing businesses to run around the clock and do business globally.

Executives are rainmakers for their businesses. They sway people through engaging  and motivating on a personal level. The communication skills of these types of leaders are unmatched and are a big part of what makes them so influential.

With communication being so valuable, how can executives refuse to use social media as a platform for personal communication, an opportunity to leverage the talents they already possess?  After interviewing and speaking with multiple executives, we understand that there is a lack of knowledge and experience related to using social platforms. It's not that they do not find it valuable, but that they are afraid of stumbling and tarnishing their reputations on a very public stage. We understand this fear, which is why we have created The Executive Guide to Using Social Media

Fingers-typing-on-computer-updating-social-media-profilesjpgAccording to a report released by Domo and, only 28 of 500 leaders of the largest companies in the United States have a Twitter account and only 19 of those 28 actually use it.  That amounts to a meager 3.8%. The same report finds that 68% of these leaders have no social media presence whatsoever.

If this sounds like you, the time to change is now. Let our guide help promote your social presence. This is an easy and powerful opportunity to provide value to yourself and to your business. Don’t risk being like every other executive falling behind the times losing at the social media game. Eventually, this will lead to you being replaced by younger executives and who better understand social media strategy and usage. These individuals are more employable because they have qualifying experience as well as the social reach to become notable industry influencers. 

Getting Started, The Guidelines for 3 Must-Have Accounts:  Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter

Here are some simple and effective standards to follow:

Create the account. This can be done using either personal or business e-mail depending on your preference. The setup for each account should take less than 5 minutes. As a tip, filter your emails or alter your account settings to avoid receiving constant emails from each social media account. Simply google how to complete this task.

Optimize each account by editing your profile. The information you provide doesn't need to be extensive, but you should have relevant information, interests, experience, and an updated photo of yourself. This process will take the most time but we assure you it is greatly important.

Set a schedule. It is important that you are actively and consistently using your account. Set a schedule for yourself to determine how much time to devote to each account. We recommend that you spend 15 minutes on each platform every few days. Stay active and keep your posts relevant. As you become more comfortable, you can dive deeper into strategy, positioning, and consistency.

Make use of dashboards. Each social media platform has a dashboard that has been developed and engineered to be as user friendly as possible.  These dashboards allow you to see what friends, connections, and followers are posting and interacting with: photos, groups, advertising, etc. Think of this as home base and use it to help guide you through the experience.

Establish your audience. Who do you want to communicate and connect with and why? Consider your market segments: geographic, demographic, psychological, and behavioral. Imagine yourself as a customer, think about what problems you would like to be solved. Is your target audience mostly made up of other executives, is it your ideal customers you want to connect with, or would you like to do both? It is important show personality while building trust.  Acquire friends and followers, share your page, and invite business contacts. Brand yourself and your business.

Note that these are the basics for getting started thinking about which approaches to take and how to begin using social media effectively. Explore the ins and outs of each platform to discover the various tools they provide for helping you to understand your audience better. 

Download Our Free Social Prospecting Workbook For More Tips On Using Social Media Marketing!

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