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January 19, 2016

Should Your Business Be Using Twitter Polls?

 social_media_monitoring.jpgInbound marketers know that social media is essential to a successful marketing plan and that twitter is an especially great platform for sharing content and interacting with other users. There are more than 300 million monthly active users on twitter and if you know how to target your ideal audience, many of them are also potential leads for your business! 

Toward the end of 2015, Twitter rolled out a new polling feature that users can use to gather opinions on any prompt they can dream up. You can set the polls to last between five minutes and one week and can have up to four options. Individual votes are not shared publicly, but the end results are at the end of the period.

Of course some will use polls to be silly and others believe the feature is a lazy way for Twitter to gather structured data, but twitter polls can serve as a useful tool if you are thoughtful about the questions you ask and the way you ask them. 



At the end of the day, the benefit they might be able to provide your social standing is up to you. We recommend to keep the following points in mind:


Use Twitter polls to engage with your audience. You can allow your followers to vote on upcoming content topics, industry predictions, opinions about your services,real-time events, and anything else you might want to ask them about.

Integrate Twitter polls into your existing web presence in a natural way. Keep your questions to subjects that fit with the image you have already established, and remember that every response is an indicator of your social reach and your potential to grow as a brand.

Use Twitter polls for fun!



We’ve only got one don’t for you. Don’t forget that individual responses are anonymous, so you won’t be able to get any demographic information about your participants. Polls will better serve you if you use them as a way to reinforce (or undermine) what you think you already know and continue building interaction with your followers.


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