Permission Based Marketing vs Interruption Based Marketing

Marketing has significantly changed in the last few years. The days of buying email lists, sending out mail flyers and telemarketing have become less and less effective and potentially harmful to your marketing efforts.  The basic task of the marketer has always been to disseminate information about a product or service in order to get people to buy them. However, traditional methods of interrupting a potential customers time has seemingly distracted us (marketers) from this goal.

Customers are becoming better at avoiding, blocking, or plainly ignoring these interruptions, yet more and more brands are still on the same bandwagon of this “interruption based” method of marketing. The whole concept - interruption based marketing - when thinking about it should right away illuminate the potential problems and ineffectiveness. For example, how many of us have searched for a video only to find the video, but then have to watch a commercial about something totally irrelevant to what we wanted to see.  How many times have you gone to view an article online, but then were asked to fill out a survey about some product that has no relationship to not only the article, but the publication…

Understandably, the notion of getting a front row seat to a potential customer seems alluring, but the timing and ways to do so are more important at times than the information you are sharing. Interruption based marketing is expensive, less personal and annoying, but what are the alternatives when this method is so common.  What if you could reach your customers with relevant information on a consistent basis, but instead of you doing all the work you had the customers come to you - i.e. permission based marketing.  

“Permission based marketing” goes back to the core of you responsibility as a marketer - to create relevant and helpful content on your product of service. However, instead of focusing on the features of your service or product, you focus on the benefits to the customer. Not just any customer either, you go back to attracting your best customers - your buyer personas.  By creating content that touches the emotional strings of your best customer you can not only create a brand that builds trust but drives business regularly. 

Permission based marketing is based creating relevant information and disseminating it through the right channels for your audience to find you - on their time, when their willing. Think about it. How engaged are you when you see something flash across your screen while working on another project - you can’t be in two places at once so why market as if people could. 

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