Is Honesty Really the Best Policy in Marketing?

It may sound intimidating at first, but transparency and extreme honesty can be incredibly beneficial to marketing efforts. Embracing honesty and acknowledging shortcomings builds trust and loyalty with leads, customers, and clients. It expresses internal confidence and faith in what you are trying to accomplish as a company.

Mobile_Social_Media.jpgConsumers today are not content with buying what’s being marketed to them just because companies tell them to. They do research, and lots of it. This is good for everyone because consumers are much more likely to be delighted with their purchase and it means companies selling truly valuable services are much more likely to be rewarded based on merit.  These trends are undoubtedly going to continue, so we as marketers need to work harder to offer high-quality products and services and build genuine relationships with our audiences. 

Nobody’s Perfect

Your leads will want to find out as much as they can about your company well before making a buying decision, so it’s not exactly a good idea to try to sweep potential concerns under the rug. Your leads will realize the problem sooner or later and may not consult you before they decide to go in a different direction. It will serve your best interests to be ahead of the curve by acknowledging any obstacles and explaining why your offering is still the best option


Honesty Will Generate the Right Leads

First and foremost, you should have faith in the value of your own services or product. Honest marketing doesn't mean pitching your offerings in a negative light, it means expressing that you are offering real value to customers despite any shortcomings. Creating conversation and recognizing room for improvement as a relationship grows can help ensure that leads become delighted customers who in turn become loyal brand advocates.

Those who walk away after learning of your company's shortcomings are the ones who really care about what you might be missing. These leads were already less likely to become customers and even less likely to be delighted by your products or services after making a purchase. 

It may hurt at first if your honesty costs you a few leads, but it will allow you to spend time and effort building relationships with leads who really do see how great your company is.

Is There A Right Way To Be Honest?

The approach will be different for every company, but the point is to integrate honesty and authenticity into your actions and identity as a brand. Admit your shortcomings and explain them. Put them in context of your company’s goals and industry benchmarks and remember that recognizing the problem is only the beginning of the conversation.

Building a case for how you will improve or why the value of your offering outweighs any shortcoming will get you much closer to where you need to be. Honesty is not only good practice for ethical reasons, its effects will work to improve lead generation and bring you closer to your ideal audience. It will attract prospects who trust your company right off the bat, and that is incredibly valuable.


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