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Have you wanted your business to be proficient at social media?  Are you stuck and needing guidance on developing a strategy that meets your target audience? These are important questions to ask and to be educated on because social media has grown more complex over the years. Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools used in business today. According to HubSpot, 2 billion people are active users on social media, and 66% of marketers saw an increase in leads from social media after spending just six hours per week on their social channels. 

Creating customer interaction, communication, and sharing, illustrates the power of community and audience social media addresses. Having an understanding of this information will help your business develop the social strategy needed to improve your company’s marketing. Defining customer personas, as well as having a working knowledge of social platforms will help you attract, convert, close, and delight customers to create brand advocates for future business.


Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram; which of these platforms are your customers active on? Where does your businesses have the most friends, followers, and connections? Engaging customers across the appropriate platforms directs the most value for your business. 



Scan and monitor social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, i.eto see who is mentioning your business. This is done by the use of keywords you find useful. See what your competitors are saying and how they are saying it. Engage in conversation and be relevant on trends and current information. Keep in mind this is where you want to attract new customers and promote your business.


Content is key. Catering your content to convert potential clients to leads is the goal of social publishing. Having a calendar and scheduling posts on a consistent basis is profoundly important. The brand of your business will communicate important interaction among consumers across B2B,B2C, & C2C markets. The key is to drive visitors to your website. Create a hub that attracts new visitors to seek out your content. Let the content speak for itself because the strategy is to have users share and comment on what they find useful. It is important to know your customer personas to do so. 


At this point, your business has published a quality piece of content across the social media page of your choice. It is now important to analyze the data. This includes how many articles you publish. The key is to have both your implications and goals meet in the middle for your business. Here you can discover customer interactions, which contain likes, replies, and comments. Through social reporting your business can come up with its overall impact on social media. 

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