7 Best Practices For Using Landing Pages to Convert More Leads

Landing pages are a great marketing tool and are designed to convert visitors into leads. They act as the heart of your online or digital conversion process - turing your website into a lead generating powerhouse. More specifically, landing pages are a way to promote various offerings (content, brochures, demos, etc) while collecting information from the visitor that is relevant for your conversion process. 

While landing pages are not the only aspect when converting new visitors - there are also forms, calls-to-action, follow up emails, etc - the landing page is what brings everything together.  They are the 24/7 sales rep that doesn’t get tired, working around the clock to bring the site visitor to the next step in the buyer journey.  Landing pages, however, must be tailored to each stage of the buyer journey and should be designed to help convert visitors that range from knowing nothing about your business up though leads that are ready to buy now. 

Here are a 7 best practices to help convert more leads using customized landing pages.

1. Make Them Action Oriented.

Landing pages are meant to convince your potential lead to take action - so make sure that is is clear what action they should take. Write clear action-oriented titles using verbs that are specific to what is required of them - i.e. “download now” or “sign up now”.  Make sure that you title is also clear in what is offered. Write out the offering title after the verb to make things as simple as possible - less thinking for the visitor, more action is good.

2. Add a Form that Fits.

As we have discussed in our article on using lead generation “Forms” - creating a form that exchanges reciprocal value - i.e. the information collected from the visitor vs the offering - is important. You want to make sure that the questions you ask the visitor are considerate of their stage in the buyer journey, but are also beneficial to your sales and marketing teams.

3. Highlight the Benefits.

One of the best ways to convert in any aspect of your marketing is to focus on the benefits, not the features. Explain to the visitor in a clear and concise method - usually only a few descriptive sentences or bullet points - what they will receive (the actual value) from getting the offering.

4. Create a List.

Again, the idea here is to make things easy to digest and take away any distractions. Creating simple lists or bullet points of what is entailed in the offering will accomplish this goal. Most people are pressed for time so make the bullets easy to see - bold the words or use a different font color. Keep the sentences short - think Hemingway. 

5. Use Images.

Adding relevant visuals will add value to any marketing tool. As with social media posts, using visuals are a great way to get more attention. Create your landing pages with a picture of the offering. If you are offering a brochure, use the front cover, if it’s an ebook, use the cover page, etc. 

6. Take Off the Menu Bar.

Adding a menu bar to a landing page is kind of like giving a child multiple different breakfast options. It often creates confusion and frequently leads to no choice being selected at all. Avoid the distractions and keep the visitor focused on one thing only - the offering.

7. Keep it Above the Fold.

Lastly, keep the content easily readable and at the top of the page.  Taking off the menu bar should help with this, but you want to make sure that the page and the content is short and to the point.

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