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June 14, 2016

How to Master Local SEO

PhotoPack-287.jpgSuccessfully building local SEO is no easy feat, and it seems to be getting more and more difficult to achieve each year. Google has made a couple of changes in the last year (reducing its local pack to include only three listings and placing ads in Local Finder results) that have heightened competition for local businesses.

Your best bet is to ensure that you have a high quality, user-friendly website that contains plenty of information about your business, your mission, your reputation, and the services you offer. After that, you can take specific actions to optimize your online presence specifically to appeal to search engine algorithms like the one Google uses.  

What Can I do To Improve my search engine ranking?

Build On-Page SEO that Reflects Your Business’ Relevance & Authority

Things to include:

    • Relevant title & header tags
    • Descriptive meta descriptions
    • High quality, descriptive page content
    • High quality images with relevant alt tags
    • A map
    • Your name, address, and contact info on each page

It will also be helpful to include things like testimonials, reviews, and certifications to boost your credibility as well!


Build Link Authority

Search engines look to see what types of websites link to yours to determine your authority and credibility. While link building can be one of the tougher aspects of an SEO strategy, there are a few things you can be doing to proactively improve your ‘link signals.’

    • Establish and perfect your Google My Business profile — upload photos, assign categories, populate a detailed and relevant description, include a call to action, etc.
    • Receiving a link from another successful business near your location — this could come from a partnership, a mutually beneficial marketing campaign, etc.
    • Receiving a link from a site that is an authority within your industry will also help — this could mean being featured in a directory or industry blog post.


Build Social Media Authority

It’s not certain whether your social media activity or popularity has an impact on your search engine rankings, but they can surely help build your presence in plenty of ways that can help your business. Filling out your social profiles, sharing content from your site and emerging industry news, and building a following couldn't possibly hurt!


In the end, it’s all about making sure your website and overall digital presence reflects the same quality and usefulness that your business provides offline— in the 'real world. 


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