How to Create Amazing Content to Build an Inbound Marketing Powerhouse

Creating great content is the foundation of any inbound marketing strategy. In fact, content creation in essence is an inbound marketing strategy. However, creating your inbound marketing strategy is not just about creating the content, but also about how you use the content to attract the right leads at the right time. Your content helps you optimize your blogs, web pages, emails, search-engine-optimization and landing pages. It is what will nurture your leads towards becoming a customer and keep those customers delighted - eventually turning them into brand advocates for your business. 

Here are some great tips on how to create amazing content to build an inbound marketing powerhouse.

1. Create A Strategy.

Creating a plan is generally the first stage in adopting any effective marketing strategy. Surprisingly enough, however, more than half the businesses today do NOT have a content marketing strategy in place. It is important to understand that content has various factors that should be considered. The author should always come back to what topic is going to be discussed, the reason for writing about that topic, and how they will layout the content (the format). The format can include, emails, ebooks, blogs, case studies, landing pages, etc and will depend on who you are creating the content for, and why you are creating it. Make sure that you always consider your buyer personas when creating your content and where they are in the buyer journey. 

2. Keep it Simple.

When creating great content most times you want to focus on the less is more approach. Your audience will likely have little time to get into the fine print, so keep the content to the point. This is particularly important for when your buyer is in the very early stages - the awareness stage - of the buyer’s journey.

3. Make it Educational.

Many times we want to focus on why our business is so great and what makes us special. While this may often be genuine and even true, it really not advantageous to focus on yourself at the expense of the lead you are trying to convert. Create content that provides value and it will create customers that know, like and trust you. Keep it educational and don’t focus on the product until the buyer is ready to buy.

4. First Content, then Design.

Often the hardest thing about creating the content is focusing on the informational aspects of the content. It takes the most time and should be the primary focus when creating content. Only when you have captured the educational and informational aspects of the writing, distilled the content into something that is pointed and of value should you begin to focus on the aesthetics of the content. People will notice the visuals, but will remember great content.

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