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January 15, 2015

How To Choose The Right Social Media Accounts For Your Business

How to Choose the Right Social Media Accounts for Your Business: Knowing Your Audience

DeathtoStock_Wired10.jpgSocial media is nothing new. In fact, Facebook is turning 11 next month. While social media as a form of communication has become as common as (if not more common) texting and emailing, leveraging social media for your business can often be challenging, particularly if you don’t know which accounts are right for your business needs.

In order to understand social media and it’s potential role for your business you must first understand who your audience is (e.g. yourbuyer personas) and what forms of communication and interaction they use socially on a regular basis. For example, if your business offers products that are being updated on a consistent basis and you want to share this information via images you might think that creating an Instagram account is perfect, but unless at least one of your buyer personas are using Instagram (or is anticipated to do so in the near future), you may be spending too much time trying to build an audience that just isn’t there

Alternatively, if you are a professional writing content that establishes your thought leadership in the industry, you may want to leverage the relationships you have built via LinkedIn. You may even consider joining or creating a LinkedIn group - directed towards building an online hub of people interested in a particular topic - a topic where you share content.  For business focusing on recruiting, you may want to create a Facebook page with a linked job board. This is particularly useful as many people looking for jobs do so casually and tend to focus on content that cannot always be placed directly on the company website - like comments from current employees about their workplace, the culture of the company, and interesting things to do socially in the surrounding areas.

In the end, the goal for businesses should be creating social media accounts that engage your core customers and allow them to interact with you on a more personal level. The content that you write and the accounts that you create should always be created with your buyer personas in mind and should foster brand advocacy through honest, consistent interaction.  Having these goals in mind will allow you to really leverage your social media accounts ultimately driving traffic back to your website and eventually to your business as customers.

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