Building Off-Page SEO Using Inbound Links

As marketers of your business building up your search-engine-optimization (SEO) is always at the top of your mind (at least it should be).  While there are many great on-page SEO tactics that will help build your online presence, there are also other off-page SEO techniques to use to build your reach rankings. The most common is known as “inbound links.”

InboundLinksSEOInbound links are essentially links that other websites that are not under your control use on their site to promote some page of content or article that your business created. These links direct visitors of another site back to your site thus building your visibility and ranking. For instance, Google gives high value to a website’s authority based on the number of inbound links that site may have when determining the site’s search rankings. This authority is based on not only the content that you have on your page, but also the authority of the linking site and the content they have on theirs. Thus, if you get a link from a website of a very reputable or (inter)nationally recognized company the link is given greater value than a link from a less reputable site.

Inbound links are another great way to build up your SEO rankings via Google. One of the most effective ways to create this authority using inbound links is to create amazing content for your best customers -your buyer personas. Content that is relevant to their needs and interesting to read (download our Free Content Creation Ebook for more help). Another way is to leverage the relationships you have with publications, partner companies, etc. Overall, you want to focus on creating a hub of helpful and interesting information - "if you build it, they will come."

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