Accessing Affinity in the Digital Age: Getting People to Say Yes

In today’s age, digital channels flourish with new forms of communication and more people joining the chatter every second. Each touch point on our phones, tablets, and desktops provides an opportunity to access affinity before people (if they ever do) meet in person. Each ‘Like,’ share, or follow another person gives our social profiles and posts creates a sense of worth and connection. We get the feeling of ‘Yes’ and are encouraged to participate in further engagement on this level.

DeathtoStock_Wired2_1.jpgThink about it, when someone ‘likes’ a post or comment we have made, it serves as an affirmation of our beliefs (at least in regard to the topic) and creates a common ground opening the door to future influence. This can happen without a single in-person interaction. For marketers, this interaction is an incredible tool. 

By saying ‘yes’ to someone, we can create a powerful opportunity to provide influence and continue the discussion of positive affirmation. The opportunity is obvious if we think about the fact that the potential conversation is already prefaced on a common ground, similar interests, leaving little excuse not to create further communication.

The more ‘yeses’ you can obtain early on in the digital conversation, even if they don't exactly relate to the ultimate goal of the relationship, the more you move toward a position of influence and acceptance. This affinity should not be used to inundate another with our pitch, but as an opportunity to learn what the other party may directly want or need. Only by beginning the conversation with ‘yes’ and listening to our audience can we begin to build trust. Over time, this level of earned trust will permit you to provide your solution(s) confidently.

Providing your ideas, products or services to a potential client takes more than being great at what you do - it has to come at the right time and with the right mindset of acceptance. Accessing affinity and getting people to say ‘yes’ early and often will help you gain the insight to build trust and create long lasting business relationships.


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