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September 23, 2016

6 Tips for Creating  Effective Legal Content

ideas.jpgLaw firms have unique needs, but they are not exempt from the need for digital marketing. Creating and circulating informative content is critical to the success of any legal firm's marketing efforts. 

The ultimate goal of marketing for law firms should be to provide opportunities for potential clients to schedule a consultation. Because of this, the major aim of creating legal content should be to answer potential clients' initial questions about a situation they might find themselves or a loved one in. 

6 Tips For Creating Effective Legal Content 

Answer Questions Clearly

Steer clear of ‘legalese’ - most readers won’t have any formal knowledge of the law, so it will be important to use common language whenever possible. Legal content should carefully define legal terms as straightforwardly as possible. This will help you create content that answers the questions your potential clients are searching for. Make use of long-tail keywords that will match up with the types of questions they’re entering into search engines. 


Be sensitive to the experiences of your clients

More likely than not, readers of legal content will be at a difficult point in their lives. They may be facing criminal charges, be injured, or they may be experiencing life-changing financial troubles. Legal content writers need to be sure to convey the fact that they truly care about their clients. 


Use Correct Grammar

Those in need of legal services will expect their attorney’s communication skills to be impeccable — this means legal content creators need to proof, proof, and proof some more. Typos or grammar mistakes can be detrimental to a law firm’s credibility as far as potential clients are concerned. 


Don’t Forget Cost

People in need of an attorney will undoubtedly be concerned about how much legal services will cost them. To put them at ease, be sure to include information about the affordability or competitiveness of your services, and alternative payment options if your firm offers any.  


Ethics are Paramount

Law firms are required to comply with certain advertising rules. Leave out any phrasing that could be construed as a promise or false advertising. It will often be safer to keep the nature of your content educational rather than promotional. Be sure to consult your state bar association's ethical guidelines whenever there’s a question. 



Prove Your Value

Legal content should stress that legal matters are complex and that hiring a remarkable and competent attorney is the key to protecting a client’s rights. Use your content to not only answer questions but to explain why you and your firm will be the best team to serve their needs.


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