5 Business Website Homepage Must-Haves

As with most things in life, not all websites are created equal. Some have clean and simple designs, where others offer a wide range of animations, videos, and more.  However, while there is no design that has seemed to rule them all, there are a few things that every business website must have to truly deliver results.


While this may seem like an obvious add on to any website these days, you may be surprised at how many business websites either do not have any contact info on their home page, or make them so difficult to find they are essentially non existent. Having your contact info on your home page has a number of advantages. For instance, more and more people are turning to their mobile devices to search for businesses online. By having your contact info easily accessible (particularly near the top or bottom of your homepage) you ensure that your potential customer can find you immediately without having to search your site for a long period of time.



The top half of your website (really the portion that you can see without scrolling down) is known as the “top of the fold”.  Keeping your most important information in this section not only forces you to be concise in what your business is about, but it gets the message across without making the potential customer scroll down the page and allows you to grab their attention right away. We all have short attention spans and little time, and many websites often have visitors who merely visit the site once as a result of not finding what they are looking for. Thus, keeping your most important statements in the most visible places on your site decreases the chances of this occurring. 


Key are a great way to get found online, but keywords are not restricted to just your website content. In fact, having your most important keywords in your page titles are one of the best ways to get found online, and this same truth goes for your home page. You may even want to consider putting your business name after your keywords to better optimize your business. 


Calls-to-action buttons (CTAs) are simply buttons that link to a desired landing page to collect information about your potential customer.  Again, while this may seem like a common thing to add particularly for businesses that desire their customers to schedule consultations or request quotes, these buttons should be included considering the second item above - i.e. put them at the top of the fold.  The same reasoning applies here. If you want a patient to schedule a consultation make it easy for them to do so by having this button prominently displayed somewhere in the top half of your home page (and any other page for that matter).


Even if you have done all of the above, these must haves will always be diminished if your website is not designed to consider mobile optimization and user ability. As mentioned before, most web searches these days are performed using mobile devices. If your website home page has great content and kept everything mentioned above the fold, but doesn’t allow a mobile user to read the content because it is too small (including easily seeing and using the menu bar) or distorts the CTAs, etc then you may be losing more than half of the potential customers you could be getting.

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