4 Steps to Transform Your Sales Process

According to Hubspot®, most customers today have already made 60% of their purchase decision before even talking to a sales representative. This means that having a sales process that evolves to your buyers purchase habits is even more important. But how do you create a sales process that stays fluid and relevant to your best customers? 

1. Change the way you Target your Accounts

Transforming the way that you target your new accounts, involves every step of the buying process. Focusing on attracting new leads for your business by creating content that is tailored towards your “buyer personas” can help ensure that you are targeting the right leads. This way when your sales team receives the new lead the lead has already be filtered to create a qualified lead more likely to convert.

Note: not all leads are right for your sales team, which is why it is important to understand the buyers lifecycle stage and where they are at in the buyer journey.

2. Change your Prospecting Tactics

Transforming your prospecting methods means more personalization and more focus on the buyer. Researching your leads before you contact them is key - try to find information about they industry, company, social media, etc before you call. The information that you research about your leads should be specific to the type of business (B2B, B2C, etc) and the information that they have downloaded or looked at on your site. 

Using social media is also a great way to learn about your prospects. In fact, more than 70% of sales people who use social media out performed those on their sales team who didn’t. Note: determine the goals or objectives of the call before you call. You want to make sure that you are gathering information that can help your sales team future this lead into a customer.

3. Change the way you Interact with your Accounts

People want to buy from other people and to be treated as a human - not a corporation, not a machine. Creating a sales approach that engages the customer on a personal level is a great way to build rapport with your potential customer. Asking questions that discuss their pain points and build a relationship will create an experience rather than a pitch. People will remember the experience, not the pitch.

Some of the best tactics to use include using the research that you have done beforehand - i.e. know your audience and use the research to be helpful. Understanding their industry and being able to speak the language is also key.

4. Change the Prospect’s Perception of you as a Seller

Transforming the way that prospects look at you and the entire sales process involves you - the sales rep - becoming a listening, educational resource. Listening to the prospect and understanding their problems and challenges will help build the trust in your knowledge and more importantly in your business and what they provide. Every prospect is going to be different from the last one, so you should treat them accordingly.


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