3 Great Reasons Why Every Company Should Have a Blog

101.jpgBlogging is nothing new, in fact there are millions of different blogs on the internet today - food blogs, mothering blogs, political blogs, etc.  While this may seem like a good idea for someone that needs a space to share their thoughts, opinions, and generally have a voice, this is especially important for companies big and small. Why? Here are 3 great reasons why every company should have a blog.


To paraphrase Bill Gates in an article he wrote back in ’96 - content will be where the real money is made online. Although there may be a few people still stumbling into their local libraries or picking up their local directory, the truth is that the internet is the most likely place where people will read about your business or your industry before they ever enter your doors. Forrester Research found that B2B prospects could be anywhere between 60-90% sold before even contacting a sales person from the content they find online. What this means for you is that if you don't have anything to say to them online they won’t really have anything to say to you either.  


This is a great concept I present when talking with new clients.  Many of our new clients are very concerned with ranking first online in their various industries and being found online.  While pay-per-click (PPC) seems to be the quickest way to get to the top of the search results as everyone knows once the money is gone so are your search results.  Although we do utilize  PPC for some newer business to help get them started, we always do so in conjunction with content creation to maximize their online presence. Creating content via a blog article is a great way to not only rank for keywords and to boost your overall search engine optimization (SEO - if the articles are optimized), but every time you write another article for your business you create another page for your business to be found online. In essence you are creating more bricks for your “online establishment” with each new article.


Another great concept to present to new clients, particularly ones in professional fields, is the idea of creating thought leadership in their respective industries or specialties. When talking about creating “content” we are not simply talking about adding just anything just to have a news feed, rather we are talking about creating content tailored for your best customer - to answer their questions, dispel common myths or misconceptions about your industry or company, and to genuinely address their needs and concerns. By writing content that is appropriately tailored for your best customer(s) you not only create happy customers, but you establish an information hub where others can interact and use as their go-to resource for great information about your industry or specialty.

Like any good thing, blogging takes time to build up traction, but if done well and consistently it can be your best online asset.

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