How To Use Snapchat Better than Your 15 Year Old Cousin

If you’ve recently tried to jump into the Snapchat fray, it’s possible you’ve found yourself struggling to keep up. Don’t worry, technology hasn’t left you behind. Snapchat is an incredibly simple app and yet unintuitive to use before you become accustomed to it’s design. While good UX has become a point of pride for many companies, it seems to be more of an afterthought here.

Our quick guide will have you up to speed in no time.


To create an account and follow friends is relatively intuitive. Hit “Sign Up”, create an account, allow snapchat access to your contacts and from there you can easily add friends that are also on the app.


When Snapchat originally started, it was all about disappearing photos. Eventually, stories were introduced. You can combine multiple snaps to create a story that will be available for 24 hours.


Things get a little tricky when navigating between snaps and stories. Many apps have a menu that you can use to navigate to anywhere else within the app but here you have to know which direction to go to get to the feature you want to use.

It’s easiest to think of the center as home  and from there if you go right you can get to stories and if you left you can get to snaps. The app has helpful starting videos to get you going with sending snaps and stories.


In the snaps section, it’s also possible to chat with people. This is a common feature that’s relatively straightforward. Once you’re in the snaps section, the chat icon will take you to a list of friends that you can opt to chat with.




For the time being, Snapchat doesn’t feature users like Instagram or Tumblr. They also don’t use hashtags like Twitter. Finding accounts to follow can be tricky and it’s unlikely that someone will suddenly stumble onto your Snapchat account. To follow a new account, head to your “Home” page and then tap on the little ghost icon. You can either type in the username that you want to follow or you can take a photo of their “ghost” (if they’ve posted it or are around).  

Also, since there’s no way to get randomly discovered on Snapchat, to build a following you have to cross promote your account.


The newest Snapchat feature, Discover has opened up the app to brands and publishers.  To get to the Discover section, go to the stories section and click on the circle in the upper-right hand corner. Currently, Discover has short brand videos.



Sometimes it can seem like you’re stuck in a section. For some reason, Snapchat uses a combination of swipes and taps to navigate the app and it can be seem like you’re stuck because you’re using the wrong action. Don’t fling your phone down in frustration, you’ll be used to the quirks in no time.


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