How to Take Your Sales Process Inbound

creative_team.jpgStaying current with your marketing efforts to build better lead conversion always comes back to closing those leads via your sales team. As the marketing process overwhelmingly shifted toward inbound marketing (i.e. “permission based marketing”), the need for marketers to understand the sales side is becoming more and more integral to closing customers. As a marketer, knowing how the leads your leads convert can not only help your marketing efforts and make you more effective, but can create better communication in your business and of course, increase the bottom line.  

Traditional vs Inbound Sales

Traditional methods of the sales process frequently relied on creating a static pitch for your cold calling efforts. Regardless of who you were speaking with, everyone on the other side of the phone got the same pitch. The sales team in a sense acted as the information gatekeepers for the consumers and would only provide the relevant information if the cold lead to a buyer.

As technology and the internet made information more readily available, new methods of consumer education were created and the concept of “cold calling” and “email blasts” became outdated, interruptive, and impersonal. 

Inbound sales, however, revolves around the entire inbound methodology of creating education dissemination to attract new visitors to your business.  The concept of inbound is actually the opposite approach to traditional methods - i.e. give the potential customer the information they are looking for in abundance, by being open and honest about your product or services. Instead of creating a seller-centric approach, the approach becomes buyer-centric.

Helping Sales Understand the Inbound Process

By creating a personalized marketing strategy for each of your best customers (“buyer personas” as we call them) you can tailor your marketing pitch to increase your conversion rates and close more sales. However, many companies still struggle with their leads once they reach the sales team. Why? Because often the sales team is still using the traditional methods of closing their leads.

When you as a business decide to create an inbound marketing strategy the concepts being applied must be well communicated to everyone in your business! Yes, everyone. Think about it this way, when going inbound you start to generate qualified leads - not just leads - but leads that are attracted to your business because of their specific pain points and the content that you have provided to solve their problems. This is distinctively different than using a traditional approach of calling the first person on a purchased list and going from there.

When you create this type of lead generation your sales team can no longer act as gate keepers to information - the information is already provided. What inbound sales must focus on is listening to the potential customer and essentially “diagnosing” their problem(s) with the  right “treatment” plan that is provided by your companies particular goods or services.

In the end, if your sales and marketing team are fully knowledgeable about the process and the lead, the customer will end up feeling like they are valued at every stage of the conversion process. The customer will know your business, like the methods you use to provide information relevant to their needs, and trust you when you offer a solution.

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